Our ISS sails are produced by „Rolly Tasker Sails“ in Thailand, one of the largest and leading sailmakers worldwide.
Rolly Tasker Sails is known for its high-quality sails and the attention to detail in the production process.
Rolly Tasker guarantees us this high standard in sails, which we can offer the cruising yacht at hard-to-beat prices.

In sail production, apart from the cost of high quality sailcloths and fittings, the cost of labour is one of the highest cost factors.Thus, in our modern world with “globalisation, even some of the most famous sailmakers have transferred their production lofts to Asia and other young industrialising lands where lower wages combined with modern technology enable more cost-effective production. This can be a positive development for these lands and the workers finding their place in a rapidly developing world.
The local workers have good working conditions and are well paid for their locality and this encourages a real pride in their workmanship and the production of top quality sails.
Many of these large, modern and well equipped sail lofts produce absolutely top quality sails, but mainly for individual „trade mark“ sail marketing companies and are not accessible for the individual sail purchaser.

We use our ISS ONLINE service to put together group orders and can thus get better prices for our individual online customers. However, we have quality stipulations regarding sail production for sailcloths, fittings and design.

Our top priorities are:

  1. Only top quality sailcloths, e.g. from Challenge, Contender, Bainbridge or Dimension Polyant, are used in the production of our sails. Top quality slides, battens, rings, eyes, clamps, blocks and lines etc., imported from America, Europe, Australia, and from inhouse production are used in the sail production.
  2. First class workmanship in sail production is an absolute must.
  3. All sails are computer designed using e.g. the renowned SMAR Azure sail design programme.
  4. Our advertising concentrates on this website and online ordering, together with the quality sails supplied worldwide and expert advice.
  5. Our prices, for the quality of the sails supplied, and our cost-effective marketing, are almost unbeatable.


Quality cruising sails and for charter yachts.

  • Seams three rows zig-zag stitching with UV stabilised thread
  • Extra heavy radial patches
  • Extra large or double tapes with a minimum of 2 stitching rows
  • Low stretch leech line with Clam Cleat
  • Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing and leather over webbing
  • Hand sewn leather reinforcements on wear points
  • UV Sunprotection using original SUNBRELLA
  • Heavy duty batten pockets with Velcro lock or tie in type
  • Mainsails are constructed with alloy headboards and webbed / shackled on luff hardware
  • Two flo stripes for visual reference of draft position
  • Full rows of Tell-tales
  • XL sail bag
  • With ISS sails you can be confident that you have top quality and long lasting sails and the BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.


    For the last 15 years we have been selling sails mainly in Mallorca and in the Western Mediterranean area.

    In addition, we have organised numerous “Yacht in Transit” deliveries for cruising yachts around the world from New Zealand to Honduras, from Curacao to Turkey, from Gibraltar to Brazil and Tahiti etc.

    We offer you the opportunity to buy top quality sails for delivery worldwide and at the best possible prices.

    Contact : durABALONE s.l. - Mary Synge and Paul Kinzelmann :

    Tel +34 971 23 59 81 / Mob +34 609 647 605.

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